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Oh, Cajun Cafe on the Bayou, you make such amazing food.

There was fried okra, spicy and crunchy, then some crab cakes, gumbo, and my go -to dish, the crawfish etouffee.  There’s also whiskey bread pudding that will get consumed later.  We were too full to eat it there.  We just love the flavors of everything they make here.  The etouffee is always delicious, sometimes spicier than others (this was one of those times), but I still manage to eat the entire thing.  It’s $50 well spent.

Cajun Cafe on the Bayou 
8101 Park Blvd
Pinellas Park, FL

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Turkish Cuisine

In Orlando today with my sister and we stopped at Cappadocia Turkish Cuisine for lunch.  Started with some baba ghanoush and fresh bread.

This made me so happy.  The bread was hot and fresh out of the oven and the baba ghanoush was tasty.  We pretty much licked the plate clean.  We shared a couple of entrees, the lamb shish kebab and the moussaka.

The lamb was flavorful and tender.  It came with rice and veggies.  The moussaka had a wonderful blend of spices in it.  It was also served with rice and just tickled all sorts of senses in your taste buds.  My sister had never tried kunefe before, so we got one.

It’s an unusual dessert.  It’s shredded phyllo dough around a stretchy cheese with a honey sauce.  I’m not sure what was on top of this one, usually it has pistachios.  It’s not too sweet and has a very different texture to it.  It’s hard to describe.  Overall, the food was very authentic and flavorful.  Total bill with a drink was $35.

Cappadocia Turkish Cuisine
565 North Semoran Blvd
Orlando, FL

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Back Again

We can’t help it, we love the food at Craft Street Kitchen.  There’s always something new to try and it’s usually pretty darn tasty.  Tonight was no different.  We started off with the avocado hummus.

I’m not usually a big fan of hummus, but this was good.  The only thing I didn’t like about it were the chunks of bell pepper.  Other than that, it was rich and creamy and had pickled radish, mandarin oranges, and a corn relish.  We ran out of crackers before we ran out of hummus.  For his entree, Loren decided to try the SS Minnow.

It’s a mahi sandwich with a jalenpeno kraut on it.  He said it was reuben-esque and quite tasty.  I decided to try the crafty pasta.

I’m surprised I hadn’t tried this one before.  It was creamy and peppery from the arugula in it.  It had chicken and mushrooms, tomatoes & onions in a Madeira cream.  I would definitely order it again.  We also got a red velvet lover’s sundae to go.  No photos, but it was red velvet brownie cake with strawberry ice cream, whipped cream and two chocolate covered strawberries.  So good!  Total bill with a drink was $47.

Craft Street Kitchen and Drinks
3153 Curlew Rd
Oldsmar, FL

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Tasty BBQ

We stopped at Jimbo’s BBQ in Tampa for lunch today.  We were in a hurry, so both got the pulled pork sandwich with different sides.

We both liked the pork and bbq sauce.  It was tender and tasty with a nice smokey flavor.  The hush puppies were good, but none of the other sides really stood out.  The fried okra had a good crunch, the beans were a bit sweet, and the potato salad & mac & cheese were just ok.  Total bill with a drink was $20.

Jimbo’s BBQ
4103 W Kennedy Ave
Tampa, FL

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Big Burgers

We went back over to Mother’s in West Chase for lunch.  Today we both decided to try some burgers.  Loren built one with bacon & cheddar and I went for the Mac Burger.

They make a pretty good burger here.  Loren said the burger itself didn’t have enough seasoning, but it had a schmear of Cajun aioli on it that he liked.  My Mac burger was a heart attack on a plate.  Pork belly, burger, and a patty of fried mac & cheese, plus a side of cheese sauce.

It was actually quite tasty.  Fried mac & cheese is just so wrong and so right in so many ways.  I could have just eaten that part of the sandwich and been happy.   Not a cheap lunch at $30, but we certainly weren’t hungry all afternoon.

12227 W Linebaugh Ave
Tampa, FL

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